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]. Weight et al. generic viagra online Evaluating overall survival in 1004 patients after surgery for renal cortical tumors using cox multivariate proportional hazard model of various predicting variables demonstrated that only postoperative egfr and pathologic stage were statistically significant predictors. viagra without a doctor prescription The more frequent use of noninvasive imaging modalities resulted in increased detection of small asymptomatic early-stage renal masses known to be biologically less aggressive [10]. can buy viagra dubai Indeed, many of these patients are more likely to die from noncancer causes than from rcc, emphasizing the need for maximal tissue preservation in patients undergoing nss [11]. In this analysis, we assessed the individual renal function of the operated kidney by means of qdmsa. It is a noninvasive reproducible method for monitoring serial changes in individual renal function [12]. generic viagra online The renal uptake of 99m tc-dmsa correlates well with the effective renal plasma flow, glomerular filtration rate, and creatinine clearance. buy viagra without prescription Thus, the renal uptake of 99m tc-dmsa provides a practical index for evaluating individual renal function [13, 14]. generic viagra online In most of the published studies, assessment of postoperative renal function is based on serum creatinine level, 24-hour urinary creatinine clearance, or estimated glomerular filtration rate (egfr). Such methods can be inaccurate as they depend on gender and body mass and are affected by the status of the contra lateral kidney. The best and most precise approach for evaluation of postoperative renal function of the involved kidney is a radioisotope method such as the qdmsa that we used in our study [15]. viagra no prescription usa The objective of the current study was to identify important variables that can predict postoperative renal function loss with special interest in those that can be controlled in order to improve outcome of future surgical procedures. Among the tested variables, the most important predictors of decreased renal uptake of the operated kidney were blood loss over 40 ml, warm ischemia time longer than 20 minutes, patients’ age of 58 years old or older, suture closure of tumor bed, and central location of the tumor. how long will effects of viagra last It is reasonable to observe association between blood loss and decreased postoperative function. viagra generic The reduced visibility due to bleeding may result in removal of larger amount of normal tissue. buy viagra online in usa The blood loss may be also related to deeper location of the lesions that are supplied by large-size renal vessels. viagra pills online Similar findings were also reported b. generic viagra online To change this page, upload your website into the public_html directory
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